Cyrillic domain Ukr open access to all network users in five months

Ukraine has started registration of addresses in the domain Ukr. Head of the State Agency for Science, Innovation and Information Vladimir Seminozhenko at a briefing held in the Cabinet said that in the first month of the domain registration will only be possible for the authorities.

The entire first month since the possible detection of the right to fix the address will be given only to public authorities.

After a month will be allowed to register all trademarks. For them, the registration period will last four months. Upon expiration of the registration will be allowed to any network user. The order procedure was adopted with a view to preventing cybersquatting.

Ukraine is among the list of 30 countries that have their own national domain. She became the third country after Russia and Kazakhstan, which was in the possession of a Cyrillic domain.

Vladimir Seminozhenko believes that the new domain will greatly expand the share of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet and simplify the use of the domain space. Now, looking for any interesting you website, you think about how to write his name in Latin. After registering Cyrillic domain can simply write its name in the address bar.

Soon will identify all regulatory requirements with respect to registrars, the conditions under which it is possible signing of agreements for the use of domain names, and other documents required by the corporation ICANN.

As you know, in 2009 the right to administer the domain Ukr received Ukrainian Network Information Center.

The exact amount of domain name registration, no one calls it, but we do know that the price will not exceed 250 thousand hryvnia. Seminozhenko said that over time the price will decrease.

In Russia, there are now about five million Cyrillic domain names. According to forecasts, in the Ukraine in three years is expected to one million addresses in the domain Ukr.

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