Dynamics of work Cyrillic domain .RF

Andrei Kolesnikov, the head of the Coordination Center domain .RF and .PU, September announced the fifth intermediate result of the blast zone .RF, which was recently registered. If you look in general, the project took place. Although many suppliers of electronic services do not take it seriously.

Domain .RF – one of the first in the world arena IDN-domains. Writing about it appeared in the registers of the root servers of the global Internet addressing May 12, 2010. From that day have the opportunity to place Internet sites in the domain. Lasted six months priority registration, then was allowed mass. Now recorded zone of at least 800 thousand names. This is the level of similar volumes prescribed a Latin domains, such as .RU.

According to Kolesnikov, the domain is in perfect order: notes quite dynamic growth. The main thing is that they have started to use people. When planning domain registration rate has been made to ensure that the area to create a similar .PU. time had its own way and .RF occupied a niche in the market for small and medium-sized businesses that promote themselves through outdoor advertising. Site name, written in Cyrillic, is well remembered and read. Although Kolesnikov noticed that many still prefer to set the name of the Cyrillic letters www. Most likely, it’s out of habit, to let people know that we are talking about the network resource and did not write it in the address bar.

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